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“We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients love us and why they keep coming back.”

Engaging Thoughtful Creation

Et Tu Create believes in the power of story and focusing on the user experience. We are about creating applications and content to inspire, and as lifelong learners we strive to bring excitement and discovery to all that we do.

Et Tu Create was founded by award winning course developer and entrepreneur Steve Waddell. Steve has over 25+ years experience software development, online education and having fun (what some may refer to as work).

Et Tu Create benefits from a core group of dedicated individuals who come together to in what we consider an “ad-hocracy” to rapidly bring new ideas from concept to market.

What we do?

We create innovative experiences to excite, engage and change people. Such a simple statement conceals so much time and process. Admittedly, some of what we do may do little to change someone’s life other than offer some moments of just pure fun. But our true passion is to make life better for others by creating experiences and tools they can use to grow and prosper.  If you have a project you might wish to partner with us then please reach out to us. We may be busy or unable to help, but we always enjoy making a new friend.


Current Projects

Mobile Application Design and Development Industry Certification Online Courses for Post-Secondary and Secondary Learners.

This project was done in partnership with the premier industry of web, IT and connected application developers worldwide. This course engages the learner in an experience in which they create 10 mobile applications as they practice and prepare to receive their industry certification in mobile application design. This course was released Fall 2013. The course is distributed for Et Tu Create by regional and international distribution partners.


Urban Health Research Education Project

This group of applications and educational development project are in partnership with researchers at the University of Kansas City Missouri to explore innovative methods to deliver engaging content to help reduce health disparities in the African American community.


Future Application and Game Designer Competition

Et Tu Create has partnered with Support Learning Foundation to reinvent the Future Game Designer Challenge into a new and expanded competition called the Future Application and Game Designer Competition. ETC will be helping the foundation with expansion of rules, competition design projects and technical support as the competition and its brand is relaunched for the 2014 competition season.


New Industry Certification Course

Et Tu Create is developing 2 new industry certification courses through a partnership with a top industry association. As the association has the opportunity to make each certification available to the public we will proudly brag about the new courses on this site and everybody we know. We do like to brag a bit when we can. 

In association with


We work in association with The Webprofessionals.org, and industry body granting professional industry certifications, bringing greater value to our educational courses!Webprofessionals.org

Our Current Distribution Partners are

World Education

World Education provides our courses to the post-secondary educational institutions world-wide.


World Education

One World School provides our courses to secondary educational institutions through their virtual school portals world-wide.


World Education

Cte Learning providing our courses to secondary educational institutions through out the US and abroad..


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Phone : (877) 828-1216


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